Collection Planning Suite (CPS)

Riverside Research’s Collection Planning Suite (CPS) is a web-based modeling and simulation environment and an automated orchestration tool for space-based GEOINT and Space Situational Awareness (SSA) missions. We developed CPS to provide collection managers the ability to manage the vast and diverse array of satellites against a consolidated deck of GEOINT and SSA collection requirements with ease. The CPS is currently operational in U.S. Government enterprises today. As a license-free product for the U.S. Government, the CPS is a powerful and affordable answer to your GEOINT and SSA constellation orchestration needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Platform-agnostic
  • Multi-phenomenology
  • Collection feasibility assessment
    • Conduct pre- and post-launch studies to measure contribution
    • Determine feasibility before submitting a requirement
    • Perform collection gap and overflight planning
    • Orchestrate special collections
  • Collection planning management
    • Automate single satellite or constellation planning
    • Orchestrate sources by performance, strategy, and conditions
    • Design and tailor collection strategy to exceed info needs
    • Uses Tip-and-Cue capability for dynamic situations
  • Collection Requirements (CR) management and analysis
    • Manage CRs internally or from an external source
    • Robust set of CR parameters and constraints
    • Supports multi-level classification and concealed CRs
  • ICD 503 (PL-3) compliant
    • Supports multi-level classification
    • Complies with ICD 503 Intel Overlay C
    • Authenticates using PKI, IAA, and/or LDAP
    • Role-based controls for all functionality
  • Service-oriented
    • Accepts data from external suppliers (e.g., weather)
    • Supplies data to external partners (e.g., plans)
  • License-free
  • Web-based

Questions about Collection Planning Suite (CPS)