Open, collaborative innovation. Nonprofit structure. Technical excellence and career growth. Those are among the biggest reasons people join our team. They stay because we mean it.

Sublimely Different: R&D with purpose in mind

Riverside Research is a nonprofit research and development organization delivering solutions for some of our country’s most challenging technical problems. 

Riverside Research provides R&D, high-end technical services and prototype solutions for national security and public interests. We collaborate widely with university researchers. 

We're competitive. In the best way.

Our compensation and benefits are competitive because it’s what we do with our profits that makes us special. Since we don’t pay dividends to shareholders and we’re a nonprofit, our profits are re-invested in independent R&D projects, our employees, community outreach initiatives, and industry-leading employee benefits.

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Going where the research leads

Going where the research leads

Riverside Research was formed from a respected laboratory at Columbia University and has seen several changes in focus over the years as science and technology evolves. Current areas of focus include: AI & Machine Learning, Secure & Resilient Systems, Commercial ISR, Terahertz Imaging, Precision Timing, Plasma Physics, Electromagnetics, Advisory and Support Services, Systems engineering & Integration and Materials.

Our Open Innovation Center (OIC) is distributed across our enterprise, with research facilities in Boston, MA; Centreville, VA; Champaign, IL; Dayton, OH; and New York, NY.

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