Software Engineering

We develop and deploy a broad spectrum of software products to customers, spanning engineering, data and knowledge management, and business solutions. Our specialization is in rapid prototyping, with focus on delivering valuable and desirable solutions at the speed of relevancy.

Riverside Research for Software Product Services: Customer-Focused, Value Driven

Riverside Research for Software Product Services: Customer-Focused, Value Driven

Riverside Research product teams like the Software Applications Team (SWAT) deliver valuable and desirable software products quickly and efficiently to government organizations in the national security space. Our customer-focused, value-driven teams consist of experienced software developers, software engineers, software architects, and product managers. We use the proven practices of design thinking, rapid prototyping, and agile practices to address market demand and maximize user adoption.

Customized Software Product Solutions Rapidly Answering Government Needs

Our services are built upon:


Riverside Research facilitators help customers understand their opportunities and define a vision for the solution. Our iterative process harnesses the proven practices of design thinking and rapid prototyping to understand the root problem and to define valuable solutions. This typically saves time and money for the overall product development effort.

Software Development

Riverside Research product teams create valuable and desirable solutions for our government customers. Leveraging our proven processes, we rapidly deliver products of the highest value. Our experience in designing, developing, and deploying applications maximizes the likelihood of desirability and adoption.

Software Management and Deployment

Riverside Research product mangers help customers manage their product development efforts to success. We have experienced and certified product managers, including professional Product Owners and Scrum Masters, who plan and execute market analyses, visions, strategies, backlogs, sprints, and demonstrations.

Our teams of resourceful professionals readily adapt to emerging needs and technologies, balancing the state-of-the-art with the art-of-the possible, and enabling us to successfully deliver valuable and desirable solutions into the hands of users when they need it.

SWAT Software Development Cycle

We cultivate strong partnerships with government, private sector industry, and academia to achieve the needed outcomes that enable mission success. We team with stakeholders to collectively understand their challenges and to create a clear and inspiring product vision. Our experts use a combination of proven methods and frameworks to create solutions in days and weeks versus months and years.

Todd Irlbeck, Software Applications Team Lead, Intelligence and Defense Solutions