Own the Technical Baseline (OTB)

Own the Technical Baselineā„¢ (OTB) is a tool suite built by Riverside Research to provide full system lifecycle performance monitoring to create a global, dynamic view of predicted sustainment costs and risks. OTB ingests system engineering data and artifacts produced throughout the system lifecycle. Once ingested, the tool analyzes the gaps, status of delivery, and health of the configuration baseline. For Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RMA) our suite automatically computes predicted component lifespan, evaluates spares availability, and estimates when the system will become degraded or non-operational. Furthermore, OTB conducts performance monitoring of system key performance parameters (KPP) to evaluate trends and anticipate performance issues before they occur. The OTB platform connects all technical baseline data into a single integrated platform available for analysis by the user.

Features and Benefits

  • Open source, commodity platform for simple interfacing with third party applications
  • Easy connection to industry standard databases
  • Quickly organize and categorize documents providing gap analysis for configuration baselines
  • Up-to-date forecasts for ownership costs and sparing outlooks
  • Reduce system engineering review times by utilizing requirement assessment tools
  • Perform integrated parts list (IPL) data gap and critical parts analysis
  • Predict mission capable status through our KPP performance monitoring tools
  • Improve technical baseline analysis through the visualization of relationships of documents, requirements, and parts
  • High-fidelity RMA models to the component level
Own the Technical Baseline (OTB)