Enterprise Collection Planner (ECP)

The Enterprise Collection Planner (ECP) is an automated mission planning tool for airborne platforms. Riverside Research developed this capability to provide mission planners, sensor operators, and target analysts the ability to generate aircraft route and sensor plans based on threats, targets, terrain, weather, aircraft performance, sensor capability, and user configuration. ECP also uses 4D WebGL to provide users the ability to overlay critical mission data (e.g., threats, targets, terrain, weather, etc.) onto any imagery or map in 4D on their monitor or using virtual reality goggles.

While ECP is currently employed for U-2 SYERS 2B and 2C, and Global Hawk MS-177 mission planning and integrated with the US Air Force’s Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS), we designed the tool to be platform-agnostic to create a comprehensive aircraft mission management capability to support all types of airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance collection. ECP is an off-the shelf product and is a powerful and affordable solution for collection planning requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Platform agnostic
  • Multi-phenomenology
  • System models
    • Design a system by combining platform and sensor model via a drag-and-drop interface
  • Threat models
    • Create, manage, and import threat data (e.g., radars, missile sites) and keep-out zones
  • Target models
    • View target details and collection constraints such as location, time-over-target, periodicity, distribution, azimuth and elevation look-angles, resolution, slant range, etc.
  • Weather models
    • Integrate Air Force Weather Agency forecast data
  • Route Planning
    • Calculate aircraft routes to solve requirements without failing constraints
    • Analyze approach and departure routes, ingress and egress points, and contingency plans (e.g., lost-link, lost-power, payload failure, missed approach)
  • Sensor Planning
    • Calculate sensor mode and pointing (gimbal) plans to ensure successful ISR collection
  • 4D Visualization
    • Overlay mission data on GIS data such as DTED, CIB, and CADRG
  • Service-oriented
  • License-free
  • Web-based
Enterprise Collection Planner (ECP)