Mission Planning

Riverside Research solutions focus on satellite constellation feasibility analysis, satellite constellation planning, and aircraft route and collection planning. We help customers build more agile, capable systems and architectures for less while optimizing overall mission capabilities through effective enterprise-level integration. Our remote sensing experts also support our customers in identifying and developing of future sensor capability requirements, sensor design, sensor collection configurations, Processing Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) architectures, and advanced data processing algorithms. With over a decade of experience in mission planning, we have created agnostic solutions to make the requirement and planning processes transparent and allow users to generate the most equitable allocation collection profiles as possible.

Satellite Constellation Collection Planning

Riverside Research’s Collection Planning Suite (CPS) is used by the Defense and Intelligence Communities in support of their operational systems. CPS is a web-based modeling and simulation environment and an automated planning tool for national and commercial GEOINT satellites. Its cloud-ready framework supports collection research and analysis, feasibility studies, strategy development, and daily planning for a multi-phenomenology, multi-classification constellation. CPS includes high-fidelity models for the satellite, sensor, product, target, threats, and communication sites and can easily modify existing or quickly integrate new systems. Additionally, the service-oriented CPS can integrate into most system-of-systems via documented web services for collection requirements, execution status, exploitation status, Tip-and-Cue, and other data. The tool also employs 4D webGL-technology for enhanced visualization of geographic information system (GIS) data such as DTED, CIB, CADRG, and other key operational data to significantly improve the user’s situational awareness.

Aircraft Route and Collection Planning

Riverside Research has extensive experience developing mission planning solutions for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft. We support the US Air Force’s Distributed Common Ground Station (DCGS) mission with the Enterprise Collection Planner (ECP), a platform and sensor agnostic planning capability. This service enables users to generate aircraft route and sensor plans based on threats, targets, terrain, weather, aircraft performance, sensor capability, and user configuration data. ECP also incorporates 4DwebGL visualization enabling users to import tasking requirements; export mission plans; and manage and present weather and GIS data. Users can overlay aircraft route, sensor view and sensor footprint, and other mission-essential data, for a comprehensive aircraft mission management capability.