Radio Frequency Systems

Riverside Research radio frequency systems experts develop and transition proven, secure-by-design (SbD) electromagnetics (EM) transceiver technology. We define SbD as a suite of EM, digital, and packaging technologies that detect, prevent, and monitor intrusions to enhance trust in the information being received. SbD can be conceived as a type of program protection plan where the entire system-of-systems, including the physical layer, is considered critical to mitigating the potential of side-channel attacks.

Our research and development focuses on the following areas:

  • Gbps data link performance analysis and characterization
  • Waveform development, characterization, and vulnerability analysis
  • EM channel analysis and characterization
  • System and systems vulnerability analysis and mitigation (tamper protection, software protection, data integrity, obfuscation)
  • Position, navigation, and timing estimation and waveform integrity
  • Systems to acquire knowledge and understanding of data through analysis and past performance

Mission areas:

  • System and systems trust
  • Spectrum warfare
  • Cognitive controls for system trust
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Radio Frequency Systems

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