Machine Learning

Riverside Research machine learning experts explore the computational mechanisms fundamental to intelligent behavior and decision processes. Operating at the intersection of mathematics, statistics, and computer science, the machine learning laboratory develops revolutionary approaches to intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) sensor data processing. By integrating machine learning with advanced sensor technologies, Riverside Research is developing intelligent automated sensing systems that can learn from and adapt to their environment, perform complex problem solving tasks, and ultimately make intelligent decisions. Our work seeks to maximize the use of computer systems to automate data processing and exploitation to improve analyst and sensor system efficiencies.

Our machine learning research and development focuses on the following areas:

  • Cognitive and neuromorphic computing
  • Advanced image and signal classification
  • Multi-INT and multi-sensor systems
  • Deep learning and decision support
  • Intelligent systems development

Mission areas:

  • Literal and non-literal imagery analysis
  • Manned and unmanned aerial and space systems
  • Land, sea, air, space, and cyber domain operations
  • ISR planning and direction; collection; processing and exploitation; analysis and production; and dissemination
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Machine Learning

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