Riverside Research electromagnetic (EM) sciences experts perform research in the entire lifecycle of the EM research and development process. Our experts are composed of highly-skilled EM engineers, physicists, and computer scientists. Their expertise includes developing novel computational tools to meet general and specific needs and developing models and analyzing the EM properties of complex structures for a variety of applications. Our technical expertise and research spans the following areas:

  • Electromagnetic phenomenology
  • Novel computational methods
  • Radar signature (RCS) prediction
  • Antenna design and optimization
  • Metamaterials
  • High performance/scientific computing
  • Multidisciplinary/multi-objective design optimization

Riverside Research develops and manipulates computer aided design (CAD) models of extremely complex geometries for use in various EM solvers. Our expertise in various EM areas—including RCS, antenna design, and metamaterials—enables us to generate models well-designed for particular studies or functions. We generate predictions and analyses using simulation tools developed in-house as well as with government and commercial tools. Riverside Research’s EM analyses have advanced the operations and technical achievements of numerous government and industry programs.

To meet our customers’ challenging simulation and prediction needs, we develop extremely accurate, highly-efficient EM simulation and design optimization tools capable of producing rapid predictions and realizable designs for applications of EM radiation and scattering. Our full-wave, asymptotic, and hybrid solvers are well validated, highly accurate, and designed to fully exploit high-performance and desktop computers through extensive use of vectorization, multi-level parallelization, and asynchronous I/O operations. Our codes support a variety of excitations, materials (both surface and volume), analyses, and applications. Our design optimization tools include several methodologies, and include multi-objective and multi-physics design optimization. Riverside Research’s EM tools have advanced the operations and technical achievements of numerous government and industry programs.

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