Acoustics engineers and scientists at Riverside Research explore leading-edge ultrasonic and optical technologies for advancing healthcare-related research. Applications of their expertise include the detection and treatment of cancers in the prostate, lymph nodes, and eye and fine-resolution imaging of small experimental animals and the human eye. The technology for making advances in these diverse areas emphasizes transducer design and fabrication, data acquisition, signal processing, image processing, and classification methods. The primary sponsor of biomedical engineering research at Riverside Research is the National Institutes of Health.

Our expertise also extends to scanning acoustic microscopy, which has great potential for assessing the properties of tissue and non-biological materials, and to high-speed plane wave imaging, which can provide vector flow information through full image frames with fine-temporal resolution. In addition to the renowned expertise of our biomedical engineers in biomedical ultrasound, we are developing new and exciting capabilities in combined optical and acoustical methods, including photoacoustics, which offer promise for molecular imaging in biomedicine.

Riverside Research has in-depth knowledge in:

  • Conventional biomedical ultrasound technology and instrumentation, including transducer design
  • Cutting-edge high-speed plane-wave imaging methods
  • Quantitative ultrasound for characterizing biological and non-biological materials
  • Combined optical and acoustical technology for molecular imaging
  • Scanning acoustic microscopy to 500 MHz and beyond
  • Research-project design and execution

Our staff members hold doctoral degrees in biophysics, physics, and electrical and mechanical engineering. They are recognized as fellows and senior members of several professional societies such as the AIUM, ASA, AIMBE, and IEEE and have received awards for their pioneering research in biomedical ultrasound. Riverside Research’s biomedical engineering expertise leads to well-structured research project designs, rational hypothesis formulations, and the effective pursuit of research goals. Our staff members have an extensive publication history and present their work at numerous scientific conferences each year.

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