Timothy Waltz Becomes New Vice President, Sensors & Systems at Riverside Research

Sep 30, 2022

Riverside Research welcomes Timothy Waltz as the new Vice President of its Sensors and Systems Business Unit. In his new role, Waltz will lead multiple groups focused on research and development within the DoD and Intelligence Community.

Timothy Waltz Becomes New Vice President, Sensors & Systems at Riverside Research -

He will add to the company's reputation for innovation and customer focus by bringing his experience from a stellar career focused on technical execution and mission impact.

"I'm excited to bring Tim onto the team," said Dr. Steven Omick, President and CEO of Riverside Research. "He is known in our community for being collaborative, highly technical, and focused on multi-disciplinary solutions to our customers' problems. I know he is going to make a huge impact at Riverside Research, with our partners, and for our customers."

Waltz has an illustrative career leading up to his role at Riverside Research. A Navy veteran, he comes to Riverside Research having spent his industry career in research, development, and operations. With his deep experience, Tim is well suited to developing new technology with the end user in mind. Waltz describes his method as "looking at what we have, what we need, and what's possible."

He also complements Riverside Research's mission-first culture. "Riverside Research has a reputation for delivering the product as asked, then excelling at finding ways to improve it after initial implementation. My passion is seeing technology develop, ensuring it gets into the field, and then improving it with feedback from the end user," Waltz said.

Waltz enjoys the motivated workforce and environment at Riverside Research. "It's not just about developing state of the art technology, it's about being a part of an environment where everyone is excited to contribute to the company and the customer's mission."