Innovation driven by science

Riverside Research is an independent nonprofit focused on our nation’s security. Our nonprofit structure allows us to design solutions that follow where the science leads, and our collaborative innovation model produces accelerated results. Our independent research and development is in the public interest and for the benefit and furtherance of the U.S. government's mission-related work.

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Our Focus

  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Secure & Resilient Systems
  • THz Imaging
  • Radar Systems
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance
  • System Engineering and Integration
  • SETA and A&AS
  • Software Engineering

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

The goal of Riverside Research Institute’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) lab is to put the best of teamed human and machine intelligence on tap for the warfighter, anytime and anywhere.

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Secure & Resilient Systems

Our Secure and Resilient Systems (SRS) group focuses on securing systems as they interact in both the physical and digital world. We take pride in delivering systems to our mission partners that have been researched, developed and tested relentlessly. That’s because we want what everyone wants when it comes to national security: threats detected quickly and immediately neutralized while maintaining control of all systems.

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THz Imaging

Terahertz radiation lies between the microwave and the infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Falling within the gap between photonic and electronic devices, THz radiation is relatively under-developed and efficient sources and detectors are lacking. However, THz radiation has many interesting characteristics for potential applications.

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Radar Systems

Our RAD Group supports the development, operation, and recurring upgrades of several of the most advanced radar systems ever deployed for Advanced Missile Technical Collection, Missile Defense, and Space Domain Awareness missions.

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Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance

Riverside Research supports highly technical Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR). Our team leads efforts across land, sea, air, and space domains that span both Mission Assurance and advanced R&D contributions. We’re actively engaged in studies, analysis, operations, and experiments.

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System Engineering and Integration

Riverside Research supports the development and operation of some of the most advanced radar systems deployed for ballistic missile technical collection, ballistic missile defense, and space situational awareness missions.

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The connection between our Mission Assurance work and the independent research and development (IRAD) we do at Riverside has proven time and again to be a vital asset. And it will continue to be the hallmark our future.

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Software Engineering

Rapid software development team logo

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careers are Riverside Research

Exciting careers with a purpose

Really smart people work here. That’s part brag and 100% truth. Scientists, analysts, operators and support staff work for public and national security interests here at Riverside Research. Open innovation and nonprofit structure are two big reasons people make the move to our team.

Careers At Riverside

At Riverside Research, we’ve created innovative environments to foster research and experimentation in service of national security interests.

Dr. Steve Omick, President and CEO
Washington, DC