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About Us

Riverside Research is an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, scientific-research institution committed to enhancing the security of our nation through trusted, high-level technical advisory and engineering support to government entities, public agencies, and private subcontractors in the national security and intelligence sectors.

We build teams of recognized experts to deliver effective, efficient, high-value solutions and services within each of our Centers of Excellence: Airborne Reconnaissance, Biomedical Engineering, Cyber, Electromagnetic Sciences, Radar, and Technical Intelligence. Each Center of Excellence is supported by a unique series of interconnected, multi-disciplinary laboratories that perform cutting-edge research in critical technology areas; an unrivaled team of mission-focused subject matter experts who average 20-25 years of experience in their respective fields; and an exceptional cadre of industry-recognized Senior Technical Experts who lend their skills, insights, and experiences to mentor our junior staff members so that Riverside Research remains a leading solutions provider of defense-focused education and training, modeling and simulation, program management, analysis of alternatives, and systems engineering.

Our Mission

Riverside Research’s centers of technical excellence move science from the laboratory to the field for the benefit of our nation. We build teams of recognized experts to deliver effective, efficient, high-value solutions and services to our sponsors.

Our Vision

We strive to be one of America’s premier not-for-profit providers of independent, trusted technical and scientific expertise. From public service to national security, we aspire to be a valued partner to our sponsors and to earn their trust through our unwavering commitment to achieve timely, innovative, cost-effective, and mission-focused solutions.

Our Position

Riverside Research is a not-for-profit organization composed of leading engineering and technology experts. We reliably achieve our sponsors’ goals by making their mission our mission, by providing exceptional scientific expertise and trusted solutions, by advancing science and innovation, and by consistently delivering value.

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