Sensor Design & Application

Riverside Research provides sensor design expertise and novel algorithm application support to customers facing our nation’s most challenging intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance problems. Leveraging a deep understanding of remote sensing and atmospheric science principles and applications, Riverside Research helps guide the requirements derivation, design, and testing of advanced sensors from concept to implementation. Subject matter expertise application to spectral science analysis has been demonstrated to be critical in sensor specification design and evaluation. Riverside Research has been integral in the development, fielding, and testing of multiple electro-optical, radar, and persistent infrared sensors. Once fielded, Riverside Research phenomenologists, signal processors, and atmospheric scientists apply their understanding of sensor and atmosphere to identify new observables along with their detection characteristics. Riverside Research staff members routinely identify opportunities for application of advanced processing algorithms to new sensor data to detect targets or phenomena of interest in support of DOD and IC requirements—often pushing the envelope of detectability and demonstrating utility of remote sensing data to applications previously considered out of reach.

Our staff includes senior subject matter experts with decades of experience with ISR sensor design, phenomenology, and data science who possess backgrounds rooted in physics, optics, and atmospheric sciences. These scientists, combined with a skilled staff of software engineers, project scientists, and systems engineers, ensure that the projects being pursued by Riverside Research customers are thoroughly vetted, evaluated, and mature before being fielded for operational use.