Modeling & Simulation

Riverside Research modeling and simulation (M&S) efforts support a wide range of activities—from requirements analysis and development, to operational tests and evaluation, to maintenance and sustainment—enabling customers to evaluate the effectiveness of products and systems, manage the risk associated with acquisition decisions, and deliver cost-effective solutions. Our teams of multi-disciplinary, functional, and technical experts apply scientific computing and advanced modeling techniques to develop applications that help our customers address their greatest challenges. Riverside Research’s many years of modeling platforms with sophisticated sensors have yielded several tools that ultimately transitioned to operational tools.

We have conducted modeling in support of large-scale Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) studies and Capabilities-Based Assessments (CBAs), as well as more fundamental feasibility studies of system enhancements, system relocation, and system recapitalization efforts. Our enterprise-level architecture modeling enables completion of an effectiveness analysis against any individual system or system capabilities as mission requirements evolve.

Riverside Research’s focus for M&S includes:

  • RF waveform and data links
  • Cognitive EW/RF
  • ISR sensors
  • Mission planning/geometric design optimization
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Modeling & Simulation

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