The Phenomenology of Intelligence-focused Remote Sensing

The Phenomenology of Intelligence-focused Remote Sensing is the first textbook of its kind to include phenomenology, sensors, and intelligence applications under one cover.  It builds on over three decades of specialized instruction in electro-optical remote sensing technologies and geospatial applications.

Authored by Riverside Research Senior Technical Experts under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the Air Force Institute of Technology, this textbook thoroughly discusses all the necessary elements of spatial, spectral, and temporal signature collection in the visible and infrared, including non-literal imagery interpretation, thermal, reflective, and polarimetric target characterization, radiative transfer, advanced technical intelligence collection systems, and data processing, analysis, and exploitation techniques.

This text is a valuable resource for faculty, staff, students, and personnel across the spectrum of academia, government, and industry. This book is scientifically and mathematically correct and rigorous, but it emphasizes conceptual understanding with numerous examples drawn from geospatial intelligence areas of interest.

  • ISBN-13: 978-0983362050
  • Hardback
  • 11.2 x 8.9 x 1.4"
  • Authors: Howard Evans, James Lange, and James Schmitz

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Featured Recommendations

"As an imaging science engineer with a career in remote sensing, I have witnessed extraordinary accomplishments when science and technology are harnessed to produce new mission understanding. This book benchmarks the state of understanding so our next generation of engineers and scientists can innovate and advance intelligence tradecraft." —Jeffrey K. Harris, Former Director of the National Reconnaissance Office

"This textbook represents a truly meaningful milestone in the evolution of teaching the technical components of GEOINT phenomenology. It is fully comprehensive, yet written in a readily understood, engaging style. I applaud Drs. Evans, Lange, and Schmitz for taking on the unparalleled task of pulling together the remarkable breadth and depth of information they've collected and presented in this volume. This text should be part of every GEOINT professional's library and will readily serve as a superb basic or applied remote sensing reference." —Keith J. Masback, CEO, United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation

"Building on foundational work, first in Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT), then in Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT), and now with the publication of this textbook, the Air Force Institute of Technology and Riverside Research are further advancing US technical capabilities in the unique and important art of remote sensing technology, furthering the science that can only help lead to a continuation of an upward trajectory and the creation of additional, national scientific and technical achievements in the future. This book is an excellent reference for anyone working in the Intelligence Community." —Hon. Jim Longley, Jr., Executive Director, Advanced Technical Intelligence Association

The Phenomenology of Intelligence-focused Remote SensingUSGIF Scholarship

Textbook proceeds will be donated to the Ken Miller Scholarship for Advanced Remote Sensing Applications.