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  • GEOINT is a key source of important information about human activity on earth. Policymakers, warfighters, intelligence analysts, and first responders each use this information to make smarter decisions, keep populations safe, and protect our national security. Many Government and non-Government organizations support the collection of this information. Riverside Research is among the organizations proud to orchestrate GEOINT collections from satellites.
  • A critical part of successful space-based missions is ensuring that a satellite can attain and maintain its required orbit and orientation. These maneuvers, known as “station-keeping,” rely on precise and repeatable firings of a satellite’s thrusters. For engineers on the ground, calculating and executing these precise thruster burns requires detailed knowledge of how propulsion technologies will perform in space.
  • Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance platforms such as satellites, UAVs, and autonomous systems must process data in milliseconds to transmit decision-making information to the warfighter in real-time. Timing is critical to their mission; the faster they are able to receive actionable intelligence, the quicker they can take action. Riverside Research scientists are pioneering algorithms to make this possible.