Riverside Research Provides Key Ultrasound Equipment to Sonify Biosciences to Study Treatment of Melanoma

NEW YORK, NY and BALTIMORE, MD - Riverside Research, a not-for-profit research company founded nearly 50 years ago, in collaboration with Sonify Biosciences, a medical device startup, is providing an ultrasound-based hyperthermia system for cutting-edge experiments that could revolutionize the treatment of melanoma and other superficial tumors.

The hyperthermia system developed for Baltimore, MD-based Sonify Biosciences will be used to research how ultrasound-induced heating and secondary acoustic mechanical forces can help hinder the growth of melanoma, other skin cancers, and other superficial tumors. Although ultrasound may hit both cancerous and noncancerous cells within the treatment region, only the cancerous cells adversely respond to the treatment.

Melanoma is one of the fastest growing cancers in the world. It is estimated that this year more than 140,000 Americans will be diagnosed with melanoma.

“This collaboration with Sonify Biosciences is a testament to how we continue to leverage over 30 years of expertise in therapeutic and diagnostic medical ultrasound research to develop new and innovative ways to image and treat cancers and diseases with non-invasive, non-ionizing methods that reduce the cost of care and improve the likelihood of survival,” says Dr. Ernest Feleppa, Research Director at the Lizzi Center for Biomedical Engineering at Riverside Research.

“Supporting start-up companies like Sonify Biosciences also strengthens our relationship with the broader scientific community and advances our goal of transferring our research into the clinic where it can directly help patients,” adds Dr. Jeffrey Ketterling, Associate Research Director at the Lizzi Center.

“Collaborating with Riverside Research has been extremely fruitful,” says Sonify founder and CTO Dr. Miriam Boer. “With Riverside’s acoustic engineering capabilities, we can more quickly and efficiently get our product from the benchtop into the clinic.”

Biomedical engineering has been a core expertise at Riverside Research since its inception. Led by internationally renowned experts, Riverside Research’s biomedical engineering team is leading scientific research in ultrasound and optoacoustics to improve the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and injuries.