Riverside Research Elects New Chair and Vice Chair to Board of Trustees

Riverside Research is honored to announce the election of a new Chair and Vice Chair to its Board of Trustees.

Mr. James Shields has been elected Chair of the Board. Formerly the Vice Chair, Mr. Shields has been with the company’s board since 2015. He has over 30 years of executive leadership experience with technology-based businesses supporting both the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community, specializing in strategic planning and business development. Mr. Shields succeeds Mr. John Giering who has served as Chair since June 2017.

Mr. Jeffrey Harris, who has served on the company’s board since 2014, has been elected Vice Chair. Throughout his 46-year career, Mr. Harris has accumulated extensive experience in aerospace, defense, and intelligence, contributing significant advancements to national security in both the public and private sectors.

“I am deeply grateful for Mr. Giering’s outstanding leadership to the board over the last five years and I look forward to Mr. Shields’ and Mr. Harris’ new roles,” said Riverside Research President and CEO, Dr. Steve Omick. “Their wealth of experience and insights have made them invaluable members of the board, and I am excited for what the future holds.”