Ken Miller Scholarship for Advanced Remote Sensing Applications

Riverside Research and the United States Geospatial-Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) are proud to provide the Ken Miller Scholarship for Advanced Remote Sensing Applications.

The $10,000 scholarship benefits students who plan to enter the intelligence workforce and was offered for the first time in fall 2015. The Ken Miller Scholarship for Advanced Remote Sensing Applications is funded by sales from the Riverside Research-authored textbook, The Phenomenology of Intelligence-focused Remote Sensing. Set to be offered once each academic year for the next three years, Riverside Research and USGIF are pleased to support the future technical workforce with $30,000 total in scholarships.

Ken Miller

The Ken Miller Scholarship for Advanced Remote Sensing Applications is named for Mr. Kenneth W. Miller, who is also known as a founding father of measurement and signatures intelligence (MASINT). Mr. Miller led the discipline’s evolution from fledgling start to national capability that continues to contribute to new capabilities in the field of MASINT, but more importantly, has played a key role in advancing capabilities in the field of GEOINT and other intelligence disciplines.

Mr. Miller began supporting the MASINT community in the mid-1950s as a Second Lieutenant in the Foreign Technology Division at the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) and devoted the next five decades of his life to the advancement of intelligence technology and capabilities. Throughout his tenure at NASIC, he developed significant innovations and techniques that formed the cornerstone for the Center’s national processing, analysis, and reporting of many national level radar, infrared, and optical intelligence sensors still used today. Mr. Miller also led several significant initiatives throughout his career, including building the foundation for what is now NASIC’s MASINT Analysis Squadron; the construction of an infrastructure to extract infrared data from the Defense Support Program in the 1970s; and the Cobra, Creek, and Have series sensor acquisition programs of the 1980s, which are also still in use today. His game-changing technical advancements and forward-thinking insight led the MASINT community into the Space Age, directly contributed to winning the Cold War, and continue to help the United States today in its fight against terrorism.

Widely recognized as a pioneer in the Intelligence Community, Mr. Miller was presented several meaningful awards throughout his career. In 2005, NASIC established an award in his name and awarded him the inaugural Ken Miller Lifetime Achievement in MASINT Award. He was also elected to the NASIC Wall of Honor for his dedication to the field. NASIC’s Cobra Brass program also presented Mr. Miller with an award for his excellence in overhead non-imaging infrared (ONIR). He was also a recipient of the Advanced Technical Intelligence Association (ATIA) Founder’s Award in recognition of his legacy contributions to the Nation’s intelligence capabilities.

Sadly, Mr. Miller passed away in 2013, but his contributions to the intelligence community live on. The research he inspired while establishing the field of MASINT is an integral part of multiple technical intelligence disciplines that play a key role in our Nation’s security.

Riverside Research and USGIF are honored to provide scholarship funds in memory of Mr. Miller’s enduring commitment to the Intelligence Community and his excellence in the MASINT discipline.

Ken Miller Scholarship for Advanced Remote Sensing Applications
Riverside Research’s Larry Benson presents a plaque commemorating the scholarship and recognizing Ken Miller’s vast contributions to the remote sensing community. Accepting on Ken Miller’s behalf are Ken’s wife Connie and his son Jeff.