Commercial Innovation Center and the EPIC App Challenge

The Commercial Innovation Center (CIC) is a first-of-its-kind, online development and test platform that provides a secure, virtual, open ecosystem and test sandbox for developers and researchers to collectively harness the combined powers of commercial remote sensing, cloud technologies, secure DevOps and advanced tools and services. By design, the CIC encourages partnerships, increases data accessibility, integrates app development, and facilitates the creation of transition-ready prototypes. 

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Discover and Connect

Our trusted, unclassified, virtual development platform provides access to R&D-licensed commercial remote sensing phenomenologies (e.g., EO, radar, IR, RF), connects emerging and established vendors with shared application tools and services, and facilitates GEOINT, MASINT, and Multi-INT research and development. The CIC includes: 

  • An ecosystem of commercial data providers (CDPs)
  • A network of application developers
  • Common R&D data and COTS/GOTS tools (e.g., loading, discovery)
  • Common testing data (curated, tagged)
  • Robust DevOps environment
  • Hybrid/Cloud agnostic infrastructure
  • Protected intellectual property and data rights
  • Maturing secure data fabric


Participants gain access to novel tools and unclassified data sources spanning multiple phenomonologies, enabling early experimentation.


Commercial Innovation Center

Mission: Provide data scientists and algorithm developers with a virtual development and test platform and access to new and diverse commercial remote sensing data to develop algorithms, tools, and services.

Vision: Work in the Nation’s interest to offer proven expertise and experience in commercial remote sensing to solve problems through innovation, agility, and creative thinking.

Values: Encourage partnerships and connect emerging and established users across USG and industry with shared application tools, services, and diverse commercial constellation data.

Our Services

Participant Agreements: We offer access to a secure, virtual, cloud-based ecosystem to perform R&D using existing and emerging commercial sources to develop and test algorithms, tools, and services accelerating USG objectives.

Commercial Experts: We offer our commercial experience, data scientists, and phenomenology experts to support efforts using the CIC to perform commercial utility assessments, new sensor development, synthetic data V&V, data value/usability studies, and more.

Products and Services: We offer access to CIC-based products and services such as synthetic data generation, data tagging, AI/ML V&V, data compression, data geo-registration, and more.

CIC and the Epic App Challenge

Include CIC as part of your strategy. AWS will cover compute and storage costs for participants who use the CIC for the Epic App Challenge!

Register for the Epic App Challenge

The CIC Offers:

  • Accelerated access and use of commercial remote sensing solutions and innovation
  • Exposure to diverse and emerging data and data types for more data scientists
  • Increased interaction between content providers and new application developers; enables cloud-hybrid, multi-INT applications
  • Lowered entry barriers by eliminating the need for a user-developed system
  • Integrated orchestration-to-analysis workflow
  • Timely teaming, technology, and tipping

Partner Highlights:


  • Space-Eyes
  • NASIC **
  • T-REX
  • RGI
  • Etegent
  • Freedom Consulting
  • Mile Two
  • Xeo-Air
  • Enabled Intelligence
  • New Mexico State University


  • CGI Federal
  • L3 Harris
  • BAE
  • Etegent
  • AWS
  • Calapso AI
  • Rendered AI
  • NorthStar Earth and Space Systems

Developer and Others

  • Planet
  • Capella
  • WhiteSpace
  • Satellogic
  • HE360
  • Spire AIS
  • Orbcomm AIS
  • BlackSky **
  • MDA **
  • Airbus **
  • Kleos
  • Umbra
  • ISI

** some may only be available in AWS Gov Cloud