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Aircraft Mission Planner (iAMP)

The Aircraft Mission Planner is a customizable, manned/unmanned, fixed/rotary wing aircraft sensor mission planning and analysis system. The extensible framework provides mission planners, target experts, and crew the ability to quickly plan, analyze, and re-plan using digital GIS data and platform and sensor characteristics. iAMP’s extensible framework allows it to quickly adjust to the growing variety of systems in today’s manned and unmanned Airborne Remote Sensing market. As an Off-The-Shelf product licensed free to the U.S. Government, iAMP is a powerful and affordable answer to your collection planning needs.

iAMP Key Features

  • Precision Access Calculator
  • Collection Sensor Modeling
  • Collection Requirement Modeling
  • Aircraft and Sensor Modeling
  • Segment and Route Planning
  • Climatic and Forecasted Weather
  • Exclusion Times/Zones
  • Terrain Obscuration
  • Land Cover Type
  • Global Airports
  • Hazard planning
  • Custom Reports/Charts


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