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Enterprise Collection Research Tool (eCRT)

The Enterprise Collection Research Tool is a web-based access calculator for space-based remote sensing. The eCRT’s extensible framework allows the user to perform collection feasibility research for submitted (existing) or research (notional) collection requirements. Accounting for collection and illumination geometry, ground sample distance, environmental thresholds, and other factors, the eCRT provides accurate collection feasibility reports in textual and graphical reports.  These calculations can be used to tailor existing or future nominations to capitalize on the system capabilities.

eCRT Key Features:

  • Precision Access Calculator
  • Satellite Propagation and Modeling
  • Collection Sensor Modeling
  • Collection Requirement Modeling
  • Climatic and Forecasted Weather
  • Lunar Profiles
  • Communications Planning
  • Exclusion Times/Zones
  • Terrain Obscuration
  • Land Cover Type
  • Custom Reports/Charts
  • PL-3 Accredited
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