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Automated Collection Planning Tool (ACPT)

The Automated Collection Planning Tool is both a modeling and simulation environment and an automated planning and scheduling tool for space-based remote sensing. The ACPT’s extensible framework and associated services allow the user to perform satellite collection research and analysis, long-range feasibility studies, collection strategy development, and daily collection planning. As an Off-The-Shelf product licensed free to the U.S. Government, the ACPT is a powerful and affordable answer to your collection planning needs.

ACPT Key Features

  • Configurable 4D Visualization
  • GIS Data (terrain, imagery, maps)
  • Satellite Propagation and Modeling
  • Collection Sensor Modeling
  • Power and Memory Modeling
  • Requirement Management
  • Man-Op Research and Planning
  • Climatic and Forecasted Weather
  • Land Cover Type
  • Communications Planning
  • Exclusion Calculators
  • Collection Strategy Design
  • Long-Range Feasibility Studies
  • Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • Bonus and Fortuitous Analysis
  • Custom Reports/Charts
  • SOA Architecture/Broker Services
  • PL-3 Accredited
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