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Riverside Research Presents at the Annual Military Radar Summit

17 February 2016

DAYTON, OH – Riverside Research, a not-for-profit scientific research company primarily supporting the US Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community, will attend and present at the 9th Annual Military Radar Summit, held in Arlington, VA on February 29. The annual summit brings together industry and government agencies to collaborate and discuss recent advances and challenges in the radar field. This year’s program will cover the improvements in radar resiliency, foreign developments, implementation of new scientific capabilities, and upgrades of existing resources.

Director of Technology Development for Research and Development, Peter Beer, and Lead for the Radar Assessment & Development Laboratory, Farhaan Razi, will represent Riverside Research and present at the conference. They will preview one of Riverside Research’s 2016 independent research and development (IRAD) projects, “Minimizing Total Cost of Ownership and Maximizing Systems Performance in Legacy Systems.”

“Riverside Research has a long history of providing full-lifecycle system engineering services for a diverse set of radar systems,” said Peter Beer. “The Military Radar Summit provides an opportunity to learn about novel, technological breakthroughs and ideas that can be leveraged to enhance the performance of the radars that we support.”

In the presentation, Mr. Beer and Mr. Razi will explain how Riverside Research’s radar processes have evolved into a highly quantitative, automated practice over the past three decades. This evolution has resulted in tools developed to monitor system performance, predict sustainment requirements, and compute metrics on technical baseline ownership. These capabilities will provide insight for research and development efforts to advance the tools to the next level of performance and efficiency.

This will be Riverside Research’s fourth year attending the summit. To learn more, visit  

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About the Military Radar Summit

The Military Radar Summit is hosted annually by the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement. The summit brings together industry and government agencies to discuss foreign developments, implement the latest scientific capabilities, overcome functional challenges, and upgrade existing resources in order to advance tools, technologies and techniques for radar systems. Topics covered in this year’s summit include Battlefield Sensor Network, Radar for Contested Environments, Upgrades in Military Radar for UAVs, Capabilities of Existing Radar Assets, Patriot Missile’s Reinvention, Cognitive Radar and Autonomous Machine Intelligence, Ground Radar Technology, Bistatic/Multistatic Military Radar for UAV Swarms, Very Low SWAP-C Military Subsystems, and Modular Upgrade Opportunities in Major US Radar Efforts.

About Riverside Research

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