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RE-Viewer: A Stand-Alone Missile Collection Visualization Engine Capable of Much More

The Radar Engineering Viewer (RE-Viewer) is an Independent Research and Development (IR&D) effort that leverages the combined strengths of three Riverside Research Labs: the Electromagnetics Laboratory (EM Lab), the Modeling and Application Development Laboratory (MAD Lab), and the Radar Assessment and Development Laboratory (RAD Lab). Even though RE-Viewer stands independently as a missile collection visualization engine, it also serves as a visualization environment for data generated in the RAD Lab’s Performance, Health, and Analysis of Radar Operations Suite (PHAROS) and the EM Lab’s Ballistic Missile Defense Simulation (BMDSim) tools. 

RE-Viewer’s four-dimensional visualization offers customers the ability to replay recent and historical collection radar events in an interactive, visual environment and understand the relationship between collection system operations and missile dynamics. Not only does it serve the operational community to determine “what” happened, it also helps the technical analyst understand “how” it happened. Once fully integrated, these tools – RE-Viewer, PHAROS, and BMDSim – will enable the US government to develop and test new collection systems, prepare for collection opportunities, and review the data collected. Riverside Research is proud to continue its support to the Ballistic Missile Technical Collection Community as an unbiased, not-for-profit contractor serving the United States of America.


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