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In 2011, Riverside Research invested in an Independent Research and Development (IR&D) project called RADIANT EYE to help evolve the integrated Aircraft Mission Planner (iAMP) application to the current .NET build standard used by the company’s Modeling and Application Development Laboratory (MAD Lab). The overall objective of RADIANT EYE was to develop a mission planning capability for airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems through a partnership with Fugro EarthData, Inc. Even though the SAR feature was not fully realized, the enhanced .NET capability incorporated the MAD Lab’s latest mission planning functionality which is the foundation to the Human Computer Interface (HCI) for the new U-2 Enterprise Collection Planner. Additionally, RADIENT EYE enabled Riverside Research to demonstrate how iAMP can support other potential aircraft mission planning customers, specifically SpecTIR in Reno, Nevada.

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