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OSIS Communications Project

In November 2011, Riverside Research conducted a high frequency (HF) communications trial using its existing Over-the-horizon (OTH) radar Support Instrumentation Suite (OSIS) developed for a previous HF OTH radar evaluation effort. Funded by Riverside Research as an Independent Research and Development (IR&D) project, the 2011 trial was designed to demonstrate the feasibility of a low probability of intercept communications system, and to measure the attained performance. The data gathered during the trial demonstrated both a useful communications bandwidth capability and the ability for the transmission to remain covert. Per the request of a government partner, the data was reformatted in 2012 to research potential applications, such as internet extension; attended/unattended land, sea, and air sensors; voice communications; and video transmissions and tags. In early 2013, the above will be incorporated into a report and submitted to relevant defense agencies along with recommendations for further development and performance verification.

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