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DigR: An Integrated and Easy-to-use Tool Suite for Reverse Engineering

In 2011, the Cyber Research Lab began developing an integrated suite of tools for reverse engineering application software from executable forms called “DigR.” DigR provides analysts with easy-to-use tools to inspect software without source code, as well as static and dynamic analysis capabilities that enable stealthy-debugging in a graph-based reverse engineering tool.

Through this Independent Research and Development (IR&D) project, Riverside Research has developed several patent-pending modules, including a program importer, a binary analyzer, a 32-bit x86 disassembler and debugger, and a code segment assembler. DigR also provides a disassembly view and graph-based views of disassembly, methods to navigate using the graph view and hex view of a program, viewers for functions, text strings, and execution traces, and a set of intelligent concept and function identification heuristics.

Essentially, the beta release of DigR allows the user to import a 32-bit windows program and perform analysis to detect common functions and patterns, identify potentially “interesting” points in the code, and manipulate the instructions, text strings, and functions of executable software.

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