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Development of Extremely Accurate Ballistic Missile Defense Simulation

Ballistic Missile Defense Simulation (BMDSim) is a one-year Independent Research and Development (IR&D) effort that leverages the combined strengths of three Riverside Research Labs: the Electromagnetics Laboratory (EM Lab), the Modeling and Application Development Laboratory (MAD Lab), and the Radar Assessment and Development Laboratory (RAD Lab). By integrating several existing tools developed by these three labs, BMDSim has already demonstrated a new capability to simulate, visualize, plan, and analyze the technical radar collection of reentry vehicles, wakes, decoys, rocket bodies, debris, and other observables associated with ballistic missile systems.

The integrated modeling and simulation capability leverages radar predictions, physics-based missile trajectory simulation, and radar performance analysis tools to provide customers with a highly accurate means to perform end-to-end simulations of ballistic missile defense radar events. This IR&D project expands Riverside Research’s capabilities in several key business segments, including modeling and simulation, radar, missile defense, and space surveillance and reconnaissance.

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