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Developing a Generic Radar Simulator for Technical Collection Sensors

In 2011, Riverside Research began developing a robust, high-fidelity generic radar simulator (RADSim) that magnifies the collective radar assessment and algorithm development capabilities companywide. An Independent Research and Development (IR&D) project managed by the Boston-based Radar Assessment and Development Laboratory (RAD Lab), RADSim will allow radar engineers and system maintainers to simulate the core functional elements of technical collection sensors without the use of specialized system hardware or software. In addition to generic functional elements, the specific functional capabilities of the high-fidelity instrumentation sensors will be simulated.

Coupled with companion IR&D project, PHAROS, RADSim will expand Riverside Research’s ability to diagnose and correct performance issues while serving as a test bed for the development and evaluation of advanced radar algorithms. The modular design of RADSim also creates opportunities to explore potential performance enhancements to supported sensors through inclusion of functional elements (key algorithms) from other sensors. This advanced tool is being developed with CMMI level 3 compliance objectives.

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