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Electromagnetic Sciences

Riverside Research provides technical expertise in all areas required to perform analysis and design optimization of electromagnetic (EM) interactions, including physics, engineering, computer science, and mathematics. The advanced computational tools we developed increase the operations and technical achievements of numerous programs. These highly modular and extensible tools, including a large suite of prediction, analysis, and design optimization tools, can be easily adapted to support individual customer needs and program requirements. This flexibility enables our EM subject matter experts to provide customized technical support and solutions to challenging problems.

Our Services

  • EM phenomenology
  • Antenna design and scattering predictions
  • Multiobjective design optimization
  • High performance computing
  • Software development and testing
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Measurements and data analysis
  • Ballistic missile defense discrimination
  • Radar imaging
  • Key Customers/ Programs

    The Electromagnetic Sciences COE works for a variety of government and industry customers.

  • Partnerships/Collaborations

    The Electromagnetic Sciences COE collaborates with a variety of industry partners.

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