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Peter Beer

Peter Beer
Director of Technology Development, Research & Development

Peter Beer is the Director of Technology Development for Research & Development.  In this capacity, he helps guide the advancement of science and technology in all of our laboratories. His mission is to identify challenging requirements with compelling public interest, and to develop strategic roadmaps to ultimately provide trusted solutions.  Mr. Beer also leads the company’s Independent Research & Development (IR&D) and Strategic Investment Program.  In this role, he helps transform compelling, innovative ideas into cutting-edge results that support our client’s interests.

For over 30 years, Peter has contributed to successful space situational awareness, technical collection, missile defense, and unattended ground sensor missions.  He provided system engineering, independent verification/validation, and acquisition/sustainment support for a variety of large programs including COBRA JUDY Replacement.  He has been the technical lead for multiple sustainment and modernization studies and was the originator of the multi-sensor, radar analysis tool-suite – PHAROS.  From troubleshooting radars in the field to defining requirements for future systems, Peter has the proven skill sets needed to ensure that Riverside Research delivers mission-focused technical solutions to new and existing sponsors.

Peter earned a BS in biomedical engineering from Boston University in 1984, an MS in computer engineering from Boston University in 1988, and an MS in electrical engineering from Northeastern University in 2002.  Complementing his experience at Riverside Research, Peter also worked as a software and systems engineer for Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

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