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Secure End Nodes: The Future of Cybersecurity

Riverside Research is fundamentally changing the cybersecurity game by developing products side by side with its government sponsors that minimize susceptibility, restrict threat access, and reduce exploitation potential. As users increase their connectivity and join multiple cloud computing domains, the threat to their computing devices increases as well. Even if the user is trusted, the end nodes themselves can compromise remote networks. A secure end node is a trusted individual computer that temporarily becomes part of a respective, trusted, sensitive, and well-managed network. As network changes occur, secure end nodes cannot persist information; data relative to one network or domain cannot be shared with another. Because secure end nodes often connect to a trusted network through an untrustworthy medium such as the internet, a secure connection and strong user authentication is essential to avoiding malware infection, sensitive data extraction, and node impersonation—collectively known as the end node problem.

With considerable past performance in cyber research and development efforts, Riverside Research is responsible for different aspects in the creation, deployment, and support of numerous products that solve the end node problem for our government sponsors. These products include:

  • Lightweight Portable Security - a simple, secure live CD that has been recognized with awards from the Department of Defense (DOD) Chief Information Officer, the American Council for Technology (ACT)-Industry Advisory Council (IAC), the Government Technology Research Alliance (GOVTech), the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc. (ISC)2, and Information Week.
  • DOD Secure Kiosk - an extremely secure, thin, and accredited browsing appliance
  • Secure End Node Testbed (SENT)- a single sign-on web server that authenticates DOD Common Access Cards for US government web services and provides researchers a platform to evaluate end node trust
  • Encryption Wizard - the DOD’s first easy-to-use, FIPS 140-2 accredited, and free file encryptor used by over 450 federal organizations and 100,000 users. 
  • Secure Tablet - a multi-boot Android tablet device capable of operating in sensitive and public domains

Through these and other end nodes, the technical staff of Riverside Research has greatly improved our nation’s cybersecurity.

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