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Revitalizing the Intelligence Community Workforce

Riverside Research is at the forefront of a truly groundbreaking approach to research, education, and training. Recognizing the need for a national center for technical intelligence research, education, academic studies, and training, we led a confederation of Dayton-area government, industry, and academic organizations to create an innovative community-based solution—the ATIC. This first-of-its-kind facility and suite of operations address the shortfalls of the intelligence community (IC) workforce in the highly technical and complex career field of advanced technical intelligence.

The ATIC is a $20 million, multi-year, nonprofit effort established in CY06 with FY07 congressionally directed funding. The Center offers specialized in-residence and distance-learning short courses, certificate programs, and accredited associate and bachelor degree programs, along with the unique ability to host conferences and events in a state-of-the-art facility equipped with an auditorium, video-teleconferencing capabilities, and ample meeting space—all delivered at a single, secure location. In addition, the ATIC provides a home for research-and-development activities and is a preferred provider of educational support to government agencies.

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