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Replacing a National Treasure

Through our Radar Center of Excellence (COE), Riverside Research is providing acquisition support to the U.S. Navy for the $1.6 billion Cobra Judy Replacement (CJR) system. The CJR is a dual-band, dual–phased-array, multi-mission, ship-based radar suite used for worldwide technical data collection against ballistic missiles in flight. The USNS Howard Lorenzen (T-AGM-25) carrying the CJR radar suite will replace the current USNS Observation Island which has carried the original Cobra Judy radar system since 1982 when it entered operational service.

Riverside Research currently leads the Integrated Product Team (IPT) for integration and whole-life engineering and plays a major role in system engineering and testing. Our CJR test team has promoted meaningful, stringent performance evaluations during all phases of testing, including software, hardware, and string events. As the program moves toward initial operating capability (IOC) and as testing transitions to the sea, Riverside Research will be there every step of the way to ensure that the system meets the objectives of the U.S. strategic community and other end-users. Once the CJR is fielded in 2013, our responsibilities transition to performance monitoring, mission assessment, and sustainment.

Our history and commitment to this radar system runs long and deep, dating back to the very early conceptual stages in 1972. Riverside Research was instrumental in helping the government acquire the original Cobra Judy program in 1976 and has continued to support its mission ever since. The story is the same for many other systems, such as Cobra Dane, THAAD, and Gray Star.

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